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Vikalp is a non profit, voluntary organisation registered under the B.P.T Act 1950, working in the sector of health, education and livelihood. It operates in Mumbai and Gujarat. The organisation work towards socio-economic upliftment for the underprivileged population. It provides vocational training to women and youth , imparts non formal education to the children and also provides medical assistance to the needy people.

We aim to work towards the welfare of the people living on the streets or, unauthorized pavements surrounded by vulnerabilities including Homelessness, lack of Identity, very few or no Livelihood opportunities, poor Clothing, poor Education and no civic amenities, and most critical is the constant abuse, be it physical, mental or sexual.

To ensure dignified and safe life of the marginalized communities in India.
  • To work towards the socio economic upliftment of the marginalized communities.
  • To create alternatives for the Marginalized communities to ensure a dignified and safe life for them and their families.
  • To link the Marginalized communities to available opportunities to ensure their inclusion in the mainstream.
  • Received the UN Ltd. India Fellowship for the year 2012
  • Mobilization communities
  • Livelihood opportunities provided to 180 migrant women
  • Informal education being provided to --- children from the migrant families in Mankhurd
The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.

The Problem

In a need assessment conducted by Vikalp Foundation in April, 2015 the following was revealed:

Literacy Rate – 23% of the people interviewed i.e. 27 out of the 117 interviewed, were totally illiterate and 21 of these individuals were less than 30 years of age. 16% i.e. 19 had studied between 1 st – 5 th standard, 57% i.e. 67 had dropped out between 6 th and 10 th standard and just 3% i.e. 4 individuals had qualified SSC and above.

Employment Status – 27% i.e. 32 out of the 117 individuals were unemployed, 19% i.e. 22 were individuals were involved in manual labour, 6% were domestic workers, 2% earned their living by tailoring and office work each, 1% were involved in bottle packing, care taking, driving and electrical maintenance.

Average Monthly Income – Average monthly income of all these workers was less than Rs. 1000.

Basic Amenities – None of the households interviewed had an in house water connection or toilet facility, thus making them dependant on the community water sources and forcing them to defecate in open.

Vocational Education Facilities – Though there are Municipal Schools in the 2 kms. radius, there no private or Government vocational training centres in the area. The nearest Industrial Training Centre (ITI) of the area is about 10 kms. When asked, the residents were keen to have one in the area and the most preferred courses were of beautician, tailoring and mobile repairing.

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: ravi@vikalpfoundation.in
Founder & Managing Trustee

Ravi is a development professional with an experience of more than 12 years in the development sector in various capacities. He is passionate about child rights and envisions a safe and caring environment for children.


: rajesh@vikalpfoundation.in
Co-Founder & Trustee

Rajesh is a development professional with over 10 years of experience in the sector in various capacities.


: bhavya@vikalpfoundation.in
Co-Founder & Trustee

Bhavya is a development professional with more than 12 years of experience in the Development sector working in various capacities right from the grass root to Managing and coordinating various projects and programs including research and documentation, fundraising, training and development. She has been working as a documentation consultant with various nonprofits in Gujarat.